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decoration of the mosque

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Residential area facilities, luxurious decoration of the mosque, as well as trendy shopping facilities and tuition-free schools.The most expensive residential real estate in the region, most homes are worth £ 500,000 (approximately USD 4.9 million) or more, above the "cottage White House" is the s  nike free tr fit cheapkeleton of up to 13 million pounds (about 130 million yuan ).Although residential facility has not yet been fully completed, but housing has almost sold out.Reported that although the mansion this place sold in full swing, but in fact in the "Islamic State" extremists from here, less than 30 miles (48 km) where the local Kurdish militia organizations are still engaged in the front line with the incoming fierce fighting to ensure Erbil will not fall into enemy hands. Russian President Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President  Landes, President of Ukraine Poroshenko phone, stressed the importance of maintaining the eastern Ukrainian Donbas region of the ceasefire regime.Kremlin press service announcements, "said leaders of the Ukrainian situation and continue to achieve peace in eastern Ukraine were discussed in the international community to work together. All parties stressed the importance of maintaining the ceasefire in Donbas."In addition, in the conversation, the parties also stressed that the convening of the Contact Group meeting in Ukraine as soon as possible to implement the ceasefire agreement in Minsk, Kiev and civil armed and in the importance of dialogue to start. Parties highlighted the conflicting parties regarding the 



withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line.On the other hand, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also stressed in an interview with the French media, is now a great opportunity to solve the problem in Ukraine.Eastern Ukraine and Ukrainian folk armed government forces since the outbreak of military conflict in April this year, in September, under the mediation of the OSCE and Russia, the conflict parties to reach a ceasefire line in Minsk, but after the signing of the agreement when there is fighting in eastern Ukraine still occur.December 9, the Ukrainian government troops in the eastern part of the implementation of the ceasefire 24 hours. Then the Unike free run 3 australiakrainian side on the 10th, announced a ceasefire extended day. Up to now, the ceasefire regime was essential to comply with China North Industries Group has completed the development of a 30-ton light tank, equipped with a 105 mm artillery and 800-horsepower diesel engine, mainly to meet the People's Liberation Army orders. The tank with 6 small diameter road wheels, towing three rounds, using a wedge turret. Allegedly, the tank troop trial is currently among the main battle tanks to meet the needs of the plateau region, so in a variety of weather conditions across the country were tested.Designers said that currently apply for export approval of this tank, estimated in 2015 to be able to put on the international market. For more details on this tank is not very clear, but you can see it with a fairly large scale of the turret, as well as 360-degree circumference car length sighting system 




gunner sighting is quite large, there may be adopted thermal imaging systems.From the current exposure photos, this tank using khaki, dark green paint, showing mainly deployed in western area and the Taiwan Strait, for mechanized landing, and Taiwan confront M41 Walker Bulldog. Reported that the requirements of this tank is designed to fully catch up with M41 tanks, and have the ability and the M60 battle tanks.Reported in a number of southern China's army, alsoThe deployment of a small number of 62-type light tanks, they will soon be replaced by a new generation of light tanks. Since yesterday, the Beijing subway stations under the jurisdiction of the company began posting fare identification table to facilitate passengers to understand and become familiar with the new fares.  nike free 6.0 cheapAt the same time, "the number of kilometers between stations" Beijing each subway line yesterday also announced for the first time.First, identify the table yesterday posted fare station is Metro Line 2 Xizhimen station, fares go to Beijing logo indicates that shows the railway network stations from the station fare. Each seat fare table identifies the station posted contains three forms, namely road network type, horizontal and vertical version version tabular format table.Yesterday, the reporter saw at Xizhimen Station D port, fare table identifies a horizontal version of the table format has been posted to the ticket office window, the table lists all 

the key can be pre-waters

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understand what is "from the United States." In the dock overhaul of the submarine, dark shell slightly rough. At this time the submarine has no photos mysterious, and just returned from battle, like generals, Resurrection healing, sounded Zheng Chen, air rage look.Relative to the aircraft carrier, four generations of machine noise, submarines have to maintain their low-key. Said the submarine is in the sea "stealth fighter" in a sense. Whether advanced conventional submarines or submarines, they rely more elusive underwater hidden, lurking in the key can be pre-waters from the sea to the other wartime attack. They even said that the presence of the sea itself, is enough to deter or affect the course of the war.To talk about the advantages and disadvantages of submarine ship design, many users may have lots to talk about a couple of hours. But outsiders other up, and troops and equipment actually is  nike free 3.0 v5 sale another matter. Reporters interviewed several times in the army were found with respect to clearly and logically military enthusiasts, officers are dedicated to the professional job fine. Because such a complex equipment like submarines, dozens of people need to work together to fully or even beyond their limits of performance of the submarine.Combat troops, the military does not need quackish "up"; the war, but there is no chance online forum sophistry, only death line of winning.Even the peace, the ocean is also bloodshed.Only safe return of 372 officers and men of the submarine, was able to tell reporters what happened in the end. 




Approached is not enough, and only went into the submarine, the reporter can identify with that thrilling three minutes. Quantum science experimental satellite "engineering division executive vice president, division vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Jianyu recently in" quantum information, quantum computing and quantum measurement discipline development strategy Members Forum "revealed, completely independently developed by Chinese scientists in the world's first" quantum scientific experimental satellite "is now complete development and delivery of key components, the satellite is expected to launch in about 2016 in nike air presto 3 shoes sale Europe and America, in-orbit design life of 2 years."Quantum science experimental satellite" is one of the Chinese Academy of Space Science strategic leading science and technology projects identified in the first five scientific experimental satellite designed to build long-distance between the satellite and the ground quantum science experiment platform, and complete a number on this platform Large-scale quantum science experiments. The project was launched in 2011 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China quantum research team led by the leader of Pan Jianwei implemented.Experts believe that the successful development of the "quantum science experimental satellite" key components, not only the "killer" Chinese secret communications major breakthrough in technology research and development, and from following the innovation to lead innovation, from the integrated innovation to original 



innovation leap, while is also an important innovation in the world of quantum communication technology, which is expected to be the history of human science and technology development, "the most secure means of communication" with the ability to cover the globe.Quantum is the smallest unit of energy can not be divided. In the microscopic world, there is the existence of "entanglement" between two quantum common source, regardless of how far apart the two, as long as one quantum state changes, another quantum can immediately "sense", and make the appropriate changes . The new means of communication using quantum of this "entanglement" effect transfer of information is called quantum communication.In the field of secure communication, quantum communication with absolute safety, large information capacity, high communication speed, ultra-long-distance transmission and other characteristics, is the global technology sector, after the microelectronics industry information deemed continue, most likely to trigger military, economic, another major key technologies in the field of social revolution. It  nike free trainer 3.0 womens is also so far only been shown to be strictly "unconditionally secure" means of communication, you can solve the problem of information security defense, financial services, government, business and other fields fundamentally.Currently, quantum communication has been 


factor prices track system

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 the greatest success of China's reform is to implement a two-track, two-track its biggest failure is expanding and sustained implementation. There are two-track political and economic system, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises track system, product prices and factor prices track system, financial repression and financial development of two-track system. Track system and state-owned entenike free 6.0 womens  rprises and private enterprises, not to mention the political and economic track system, one on product prices and factor prices of two-track, two-track system of the financial system in particular, its result is artificially low cost of production, not only seriously distort the market signal, causing a huge imbalance in serious dislocation and economic structure of the allocation of resources, but also caused serious social injustice reverse the transfer of wealth and income. This approach itself is taxed to subsidize businesses to residents, the non-state sector taxation to subsidize state-owned enterprises, taxing the poor to subsidize the rich, by the rich and then subsidize the poor, subsidized by the Chinese American. In this process of reverse transfer of wealth, the greatest benefit is the power of corrupt officials and national corporate executives, government officials in collusion with private enterprises and foreign consumers, while the losers are downright Chinese 




people.Price reform it so difficult  No. Non-not too, but not as well. By market pricing will chaos it 'll Economic crash  Definitely not. This is used to scare people, to obstruct reform promotion tool. 1988 price break through the barrier of failed and successful merger of most of the products described in 1991 dual pricing system artificially control and operation is not feasible, the only correct way is to open the market, price liberalization.However, once the price of plain want to achieve a market-oriented, government officials would not go to control resources and control of the economy, corruption and rent-seeking off naturally getting money, which one is willing strips, cut off sources of revenue  This price reform is the real difficulty lies. However, once the realization of the elements of the market, the market will be the decision makers in allocating resources, the 18th Plenary Session of three decisions   nike free 5.0+ womens   phrase most important market in line with the nature of the proposition can implement and implementation. Otherwise, everything is meaningless, even the best people to talk all fooled. Of course, this is not to say, open market price without any risk factors. There are risks, but it definitely did not think so much, more than the price of a much smaller risk control. 30 years of mistakes reform lies not in front of foot-binding factor market reforms, protracted, up to now, can be said to be deeply embedded. In order to reduce and control risk, factor prices can not let go all at once, you can put one by one, to put an 




element of an element, an industry to put an industry. Others are crooked, and contrary to the purpose of the reform. As long as a clear thinking, clear objectives, careful implementation, does not solve the problem. In this year organized a naval combat readiness of emergency pull and training voyage, the Navy 372 submarine suddenly encountered significant danger, calm and resolute commander command, the whole boat struggling soldiers risking his own life for risk, success saved the day, and to overcome the difficulties, the successful complete follow-up mission, created a miracle in the history of our country and the world submarines.August 23, Xi Jinping orders issued to temporary party secretary maritime task commander of the detachment WANG Li Kee merit. 372 Navy submarine to remember merit.Courage panic, Inasmuch miraclesLate at night, the vast ocean, sea waves roll, underwater simmering.There are "black ocean," said the 372 submarine voyage are performing combat tasks, snorkeling in the ocean depths.372 submarine cabin, maritime commander, commander WANG Li is checking the value of more cases. More soldiers and  nike free 4.0 v3 womens  some manipulation of the value of equipment, some watching the meter, and some shuttling between compartments pipeline inspections  they accurately skilled movements, passwords, clear and smooth, everything seemed in order. Clinker, dangerous being a step by step approach.At midnight, the submarine depth gauge pointer suddenly beating down drastically."Oh, out of deep!" Rudder letter squad vice squad into the cloud towards


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